Our grassroots grew from passion

Apex was born from the idea that every client deserves the kind of attention to detail that gives them the results to outperform every competitor. It’s not about being the biggest company, or growing the fastest; it’s about creating smart strategies and implementing with precision.

About Apex Digital

Why we call ourselves Apex

Our founder Neil chose “apex” to inspire greatness. It’s about reaching the maximum potential in everything we do and something our team aligns with everyday.

We take it seriously, from the smallest tasks such as perfecting ad copy through to creating a digital marketing strategy, we’re aiming for the pinnacle.

We can do this because we know where to put our energy. We don’t chase dead-ends or get caught up in the hype of campaign likes with no clicks. We also never work with two businesses in competition with each other, because we don’t want one client to settle for second best.

  • Founder & Technical SEO

    Neil Kayton

  • Digital Strategist

    Alex Shorey

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

    Hannah Beggs

  • Digital Marketing Manager

    Jess Hoey

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

    Deborah Ballerscheff

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