5 Tips For Lowering Your Cost Per Click (CPC) With Negative Keywords

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Blog/ 5 Tips for Lowering Your Cost Per Click (CPC) with Negative Keywords


Are you tired of paying high costs per click (CPC) for your advertising campaigns? One effective way to lower your CPC is by using negative keywords.


Negative keywords are words or phrases you add to your campaigns to ensure that your ads do not appear when specific terms are searched. This helps increase your ads’ relevance and can lead to a lower CPC.


Here are 5 tips for using negative keywords to lower your CPC:

  1. Identify negative keywords: The first step to using negative keywords is to identify which words or phrases you want to exclude from your campaigns. You can use tools like the Google Keyword Planner or the Google Search Console to understand which terms are triggering your ads but not leading to conversions.
  2. Use broad match negatives: When you add negative keywords to your campaigns, you can use a broad match, phrase match, or an exact match. Using broad match negatives can help catch more irrelevant terms you might not have thought of.
  3. Check your search terms report: The search terms report in Google Ads can show the actual terms that people used to trigger your ads. Reviewing this report regularly can help you identify negative keywords that you should add to your campaigns.
  4. Use negative keyword lists: If you have multiple campaigns or ad groups, it can be helpful to create negative keywords that you can apply to multiple drives simultaneously. This will save you time and ensure consistency across your campaigns.
  5. Monitor your results: Finally, monitor your results after adding negative keywords. Keep an eye on your CPC and conversion rates to see if your negative keywords have the desired effect.


In conclusion, using negative keywords can be an effective way to lower your CPC and improve the performance of your advertising campaigns. By following these tips, you can see a decrease in your CPC and an increase in your conversions.

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